This is an advanced project to save notes in Django. where users are able to Create, Read, Update and Delete their notes. The authorization and permission feature has been implemented in this way only registered users can perform these operations and each user will only be able to manipulate their own notes without having access to other users' notes.

Demo on Heroku


  • Create an account

  • Login

  • Create note

  • View created notes

  • Update notes

  • See profile

  • delete notes

  • delete account

  • authentication

  • authorization

Setup and install

1 > clone the project

using the command bellow:

2 > setup a virtual environment

  • python -m venv my_venv

  • source my_venv/bin/activate

3 > install requirements

  • cd Django-Notes

  • pip install -r requirements.txt

4 > Run the server and enjoy it. 32

  • python runserver

Screenshot_20220129-111800 Screenshot_20220129-111847

Download source code from Github

Download ZIP

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