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This Django CMS enables you to create and administrate hierarchical pages in a simple and powerful way.

For a quick demo.

$ pip3 install "django-page-cms[full]"; gerbi --create mywebsite

Or with docker

docker-compose up web

If you are logged in with github docker repository

docker login -u USERNAME -p TOKEN
docker-compose -f docker-compose-fast.yaml up web

To create a super user account

docker exec -it django-page-cms_web_1  python example/ createsuperuser

To create a demo website

docker exec -it django-page-cms_web_1  python example/ pages_demo

To run tests with docker

docker-compose up run-test

More informations

Django page CMS is based around a placeholders concept. Placeholder is a special template tag that you use in your page templates. Every time you add a placeholder in your template such field dynamically appears in the page admin interface.

Each page can have a different template with different placeholders.

Those placeholder can also be edited inline

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