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Django Job Portal

Django Job Portal

An open source online job portal.

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Used Tech Stack

  1. Django
  2. Sqlite


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Job details

Swagger API

Local environment


  1. Create a virtual environment

    virtualenv venv


    python3.8 -m venv venv

  2. Activate it

    source venv/bin/activate

  3. Clone the repository and install the packages in the virtual env:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. Add .env file.

    cp .env

  5. Add Github client ID and client secret in the .env file


1.With the venv activate it, execute:

python collectstatic

Note : Collect static is not necessary when debug is True (in dev mode)

  1. Create initial database:

    python migrate

  2. Load demo data (optional):

    python loaddata fixtures/app_name_initial_data.json --app app.model_name

  3. Run server:

    python runserver

Run test:

python test

To dump data:

python dumpdata --format=json --indent 4 app_name > app_name/fixtures/app_name_initial_data.json

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