It's a Django application to register and authenticate users using phone number. CustomUser model created using AbstractUser class.


After cloning the repository to your local directory, activate virtual env and install required packages using pip :
pip install -r requirements.txt
then set your database configurations and make migrations. at last run server and point to the localhost : there it is.

Attention: Product is in the Alpha phase and 'Reset Password' feature isn't functional yet.


  • Users register by entering below fields:

    • phone number
    • password
  • In the first attempt to login, an SMS will be send to the user phone and will be asked to enter provided code and therefore verify their account.

Attention: You should provide send_sms module in gateways directory.
Attention: You can customize phone field's validation based on your needs located on


It's welcome your supports by giving Stars or making Commits.

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