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The django-powered application about blockchain. API site:


  • Live update blocks
  • Live update statistics about blockchain
  • Search time period to see blockchain changes


If you want to download some latest blocks, change the docker-compose file:

command: bash -c "python migrate && python download_blocks [number of blocks] && 
                  python runserver & python start_websocket"

The range of number of blocks from 1 to 10.

To start application, you can use docker-compose up

$ docker-compose up

After that, meet ''

Blockchain fields

  • Number of satoshi
  • Number of blocks
  • Number of transactions
  • Last update
  • Last block
  • The most expensive block
  • The cheapest block
  • The largest number of transactions
  • The least number of transactions
  • The largest transactions for inputs
  • The largest transactions for outputs
  • The most expensive transactions

Block fields

  • Price
  • Number of transactions
  • Height
  • Hash
  • Time
  • Block index


If you want to start test on Windows, you should use wsl (see Also, don't forget about redis (change settings hosts and start docker redis)

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