This is a Django website for generating ASCII-arts out of images or text 🎨

You can find it at

demo GIF
Demo (a bit old for now)

Fast local setup

You can start this website locally by using these easy steps (python3 is needed):

  • Clone this repo to your pc;
  • Create virtual environment (if needed) with virtualenv venv, activate it and install dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt;
  • At the top of project/ set EASY_RUN_MODE from False to True;
  • Start server withpython runserver or python runserver to open it to local network (for example, over wifi).

TAKE A NOTE that without postgresql, you can't use migrations, therefore, can't use any database-related actions. Generators will work of course.

Used repositories

For creating this project, several open-source repositories were used:





Icons made by Freepik and Pixel Perfect from

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