django social media app with these features:

  • signup, login and old registered users are saved by cookies
  • posts, comments, replies, snippets (reply for a reply) with 6 reacts for each
  • share post
  • groups and pages like facebook
  • real time notifications and friend requests
  • profile
  • search and saving the searched objects like fb if you searched for a profile and found it, you'll find it easily in the search histor and redirect you to it's page
  • you can edit snippets (post, comment...etc) or delete them as well
  • used rest APIS to be compatible with other frameworks like react, flutter
  • posts can have multiple medias like pics or videos
  • comments, replies snippet with maximum one snippet
  • real time chat, with multiple media each message, reply on message, block
  • anonymous chat you can't know who sent you a messageg but users can disable it
  • profile with pic, cover and bio
  • save posts, activate notifications for posts

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