yawd-admin, a django administration website

yawd-admin now has a live demo at http://yawd-admin.yawd.eu/. Use demo / demo as username & passowrd.


yawd-admin is an administration website for django. It extends the default django admin site and offers the following:

  • A clean and beautiful bootstrap user interface
  • Hand-written pure HTML5/CSS3 code with indented HTML output
  • Responsive interface, optimized for mobile phones and tablets
  • Register custom database settings (options) editable from the UI. You can use all standard django form fields for these settings
  • Integration with google analytics for displaying statistics in the admin home page
  • Register your applications to the top-bar navigation
  • Refurbished original django admin widgets
  • Mechanism for opening the original django admin popup windows with fancybox
  • Seamless integration with yawd-translations for multilingual admin websites


yawd-admin v0.6.1 is the last version intended to work with Django 1.4. yawd-admin v.0.7.0 and on is developed under Django 1.5.x and does NOT work with older Django releases. For those still using Django 1.4, you can checkout the 0.6.x branch or use the yawd-admin v0.6.1 pypi package. New features will not be backported to the 0.6.x branch. Since many of us run production systems tied to Django 1.4, both v0.6.1 and the latest documentation will be online on readthedocs.org.

Usage and demo

See the yawd-admin documentation for information on how to install the demo and use yawd-admin. There is also an online version of the demo at http://yawd-admin.yawd.eu/. Just use demo/demo as username and password.


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