Django React eCommerce

Advanced eCommerce example web application with Django and React



Setup environment for development

Install dependencies

Clone the project then install python and react dependencies

git clone
cd django-react-ecommerce
pip install -r requirements.txt
yarn # or npm install

Add built in dummy data

Create database, apply migrations and add some dummy data


Run the server

yarn run dev
python runserver
python livereload # hot reload

Open http://localhost:8000/

Admin pannel

Admin user has been created in users.json
You can access the admin pannel from http://localhost:8000/admin/
phone number: 09171234567
password: password


Deploy with docker using postgresql, gunicorn and nginx.

Setup envrionment variables

cp .env.sample .env
cp .env.db.sample .env.db

Build and up image using docker compose

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

Collect static files and add dummy data

docker-compose exec web python collectstatic --no-input
docker-compose exec web python

You are good to go. Open your server ip address on port 80 (Ex on localhost:

Download source code from Github

Download ZIP

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