This is a test microblog project created using Django 4.0. But don't worry this is a fully working project. There is no super-amazing front-end, just back-end codes with minimal html :)

$ [email protected]:alikasimoglu/django-microblog.git
$ docker-compose up

Now you can access the application at https://localhost:8005//blogs and the admin site at https://localhost:8005/admin.

Stack and version numbers used:

Name Version
Django 4.0
Python 3.10

Folder structure

├── blogs                   # blog app
├── nikidaemTestProject     # main project files needed for configuration
├── profiles                # profiles app
├── templates               # main templates
├── .env-example            # environments file
├── .gitignore              # files exluded from github
├── db.sqlite3              # database
├── docker-compose.yaml     # docker-compose setup with container orchestration instructions
├── Dockerfile              # general Dockerfile of the main server
├──               # this file
└── requirement.txt         # python requirements

Project using only SQLite database because of it's a test project. But easily can be changed to PostgreSQL.

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