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A smart Chat bot that can help to know about corona virus and Make prediction of corona using X-ray.

Problem statement

The problem CoBot solves is now a days we have seen that in many doctor and frontline workers are busy so we are came up with an idea of chat bot such that people cna chat and understand better about corona virus such as precautions,checkup etc.

Our solution

  1. It can help to save doctor and frontline workers time in this pandemic time.
  2. Here people can chat with chat bot and ask their doubt regarding corona virus.
  3. Here people can check their x-ray report to check whether they have corona infections or not.

Technology - used

  • Backend:

    • Python
    • Django
  • Frontend:

    • Bootstrap
    • Pytorch
  • Database:

    • Sqlite
  • Server:

    • localhost
  • Algorithm:

    • Machine learning algorithm



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