Django CRUD REST API Generator

This is a simple tool that generates a Django REST API with the given models.


  • Authentication,
  • DRF generic views,
  • Routes,
  • PEP8,
  • Dockerized.

You can test it out here.

To run the generated Django apps

Docker and docker-compose are required to run the generated apps.

# Unzip the project at 'Downloads' or 'server/projects'.
cd django_project  # Go into the generated app
docker-compose up  # Run the containers

Run local version

Run the server.

cd server
npm i
npm run dev

Run the client.

cd client
npm i
npm run serve


  1. Choose project and app parameters.

Step 1

  1. Create app models with the form served by Vue.

Step 2

  1. Review your models structure.

Step 3

  1. All these will be generated by the app and can be downloaded.

Step 4

Download source code from Github

Download ZIP

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