A Simple, Lightweight, Efficent JSON based DataBase for Python

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The current stable version is v1.6.1

pip install pysondb==1.6.1

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While we are accepting pull requests for Hacktoberfest, we will reject any low-quality PR's.

We are accepting PRs for:

  • Packages - updating package versions, adding new packages Documentation updates
  • More features and fixes (Refer here)
  • CLI/API improvements - Redoing the CLI to reduce the usage of CLI packages.
  • We are planning to reduce the project dependencies and remove other unwanted API's.

Checkout the active issues here


  • Lightweight JSON based database.
  • Supports CRUD commands.
  • No Database drivers required.
  • Unique ID assigned for each JSON document added.
  • Strict about Schema of data added.
  • Inbuilt CLI to delete,display,create JSON database.
> a.addMany([{"name":"pysondb","type":"DB"},{"name":"pysondb-cli","type":"CLI"}]) >> a.getAll() >> [{"name":"pysondb","type":"DB"},{"name":"pysondb-cli","type":"CLI"}]">
>> from pysondb import db
>> a=db.getDb("path/to/json.json")
>> a.addMany([{"name":"pysondb","type":"DB"},{"name":"pysondb-cli","type":"CLI"}])
>> a.getAll()
>> [{"name":"pysondb","type":"DB"},{"name":"pysondb-cli","type":"CLI"}]
  • See its simple..

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pip install pysondb

Create a database

  • You can create a database using CLI.
pysondb create database_name.json
  • Or in the python file.
from pysondb import db

  • The above piece of code will create a database with {data:[]} in it.
  • Even if the json file exists there is no problem.

See more Documentation here

What makes pysonDB different

  • CLI support to create,delete and display database.
  • Unique Id automatically assigned for each JSON data added.
  • Schema regularity is checked.

What pysonDB can't do.

  • Cannot store images,videos etc.


  • CLI to convert CSV to pysonDB required json.
  • Use CSV file in the database.
  • Make the database available to use local servers (Flask,Django)


Projects using PysonDB


Whether reporting bugs, discussing improvements and new ideas or writing extensions: Contributions to pysonDB are welcome! Here's how to get started:

  • Join Discord channel Here
  • Check for issues or open a issue or open a feature requests.
  • Fork the repository on Github
  • Create a new branch off the master branch.
  • Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed or that the feature works as expected.
  • Send a pull request to us and wait till it get merged.

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