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This is a basic Django dev environment setup with docker and docker-compose for a GalsenDev Meetup. The main purposes was to make a simple presentation of docker and its capabilities.


  • First, you need to install docker and docker-compose in your system. Checkout the official docs:

    docker official docs

    docker-compose official docs

  • After having cloned this repo, go to it using your terminal and enter the following command:

    docker-compose up

  • If you have issues related to permission or write rights, you can run :

    sudo chown -R $USER:$USER .

  • If everything goes well, congratulations, you can start coding! You can visit http://localhost:8000

Environment variable usage

If you take a good look at the docker compose file, I hardened the database credentials, which is not a good practice. To remedy this, it is better to use environment variables instead of hardening these values in the configurations. You'll fine the updated docker-compose and .env file on this branch.

  • Pull the branch set-env-variables

  • Rename .env.example file by .env and set values for variables defined in it

  • Run the following command: docker-compose --env-file .env up

  • Happy code!


Feel free to make a PR or report an issue ?

Oh, one more thing, please do not forget to put a description when you make your PR ?


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