A python-django web app to help the residence of a given neighborhood know their surrounding better.


This is a neighborhood app where a user must signup first, be able to join a hood owned by the hood admin, and once you join a hood, one can see businesses and posts in only that hood they belong to.

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The app looks like this: Image

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Levy Omolo

User Story

With this application, users are able to :

  • Sign in with the application to start using.
  • Set up a profile about them and a general location and their neighborhood name.
  • Find a list of different businesses in their neighborhood.
  • Find Contact Information for the health department and Police authorities near their neighborhood.
  • Create Posts that will be visible to everyone in their neighborhood
  • Change their neighborhood when they decide to move out.
  • Only view details of a single neighborhood they are enrolled.

Setup/Installation Requirements


  1. Set up Database,and put your username and password in the code

  2. Make migrations

    python3 makemigrations neighbourhood

  3. Migrate

    python3 migrate

Running the Application

  1. Run main application

    python3 runserver

  2. Run tests

    python3 test

Technologies Used

Contact Information

For any further inquiries or contributions or comments, reach me at Levy Omolo

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MIT License

Copyright (c) 2021

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