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Django PayPal is a pluggable application that integrates with PayPal Payments Standard and Payments Pro.

See for documentation.

django-paypal supports:

  • Django 1.11+
  • Python 2.7, and 3.4+

(Not all combinations are supported).

Project status

This is an Open Source project that is active but in maintenance mode. The maintainers see their primary responsibilities as:

  • fixing any critical data loss or security bugs.
  • keeping the project up-to-date with new versions of Django (or other dependencies).
  • merging well written patches from the community, and doing so promptly.

Large scale development work and feature additions are not planned by the maintainers.

Some important parts of the code base are not covered by automated tests, and may be broken for some versions of Django or Python. These parts of the code base currently issue warnings, and the maintainers are waiting for tests to be contributed by those who actually need those parts, and docs where appropriate.

Please bear these things in mind if filing an issue. If you discover a bug, unless it is a critical data loss or security bug, the maintainers are unlikely to work for free to fix it, and a new feature, or tests for existing functionality, will only be added by the maintainers if they need it themselves.

That said, if you do have large changes that you want to contribute, including large new features (such as implementing newer PayPal payment methods), they will be gladly accepted if they are implemented well.

Please see CONTRIBUTING.rst for more information about using the issue tracker and pull requests. Please do not open issues for support requests.

Paid support

Some of the maintainers are able to provide support on a paid basis for this Open Source project. This includes the following kinds of things:

  • Paying for bug fixes or new features (with the understanding that these changes will become freely available as part of the project and are not 'owned' by the person who paid for them).
  • Debugging or other support for integrating django-paypal into your project.
  • Implementing the integration for you from scratch.

If you are interested in these, you can contact the follower developers:

  • Luke Plant - homepage, email - long time Django expert and contributor.

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