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? About

This is a boilerplate for a basic backend app using Python, Django and SQLite, as developed after tutorials with Programming with Mosh

The files are commented with texts from the documentation so that you can gain some knowledge on what each line of code does in a basic app

It is meant for you who want to understand better how a basic Python backend app works and it is open for you to develop the remaining database operations so you can train your skills in SQL-queries and Python



✔️ Feature 1;
✔️ Feature 2;
✔️ Feature 3;

? Technologies

The following tools were used in this project:


Before starting ? , you need to have Git installed.

? Starting

# Clone this project
$ git clone

# Access
$ cd backend-app

# Install dependencies
$ yarn

# Run the project
$ yarn start

# The server will initialize in the 

? License

This project is under license from MIT. For more details, see the LICENSE file.

Made with ❤️ by Gustaf26


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